A Sport Coat and Jeans, the New Uniform for Almost Every Occasion

You’re going to tell me that there’s nothing actually new about a sport coat and jeans. Yup, you’re right. I know. But hear me out.

We took our first big family vacation, a cruise, since the pandemic this month. Cruises usually have a formal night or two, but Celebrity has downgraded their requirements to “elegant chic”. You’ll be happy to know that my son loves to wear bowties and vests. He called his latest set his “Atlanta Custom Tailors suit,” since he knows what Mommy and his grandfather do.

More happy was his father, who hates wearing ties. (I contend that high heels are undoubtedly more uncomfortable.) He was more than content to put on jeans, a dress shirt, and a favorite jacket. And he wasn’t the only one wearing a sport coat and jeans. Even with others in suits and many women wearing cocktail dresses, the jeans didn’t look out of place. I think the secret is making sure the jeans fit well and don’t have any stains or rips, and not wearing sneakers. The dressiness of the jacket and the shoe balances and largely overrides the inherently casual nature of denim.

How do I wear a sport coat and jeans?

A sport coat and jeans make an easy uniform that looks dressy—but not too dressy— and is suitable for so many occasions. If you’re sitting, you look formally dressed, since all you can see above a table are the shirt and jacket. And you’re comfortable, because, hello, you’re wearing jeans.

Put that next to your seatmates in a cocktail dress, a business formal dress, or a sparkly top, and you look elegantly appropriate. You’ve all heard me say that a man can wear the same suit to a wedding (even their own!), a job interview, or a funeral, while there’s no single outfit a woman wears that is appropriate to all three events. There are a lot of places that a sport coat and jeans will take both men and women since the jeans are the only casual element of the outfit.

In a world where people are increasingly casual, we don’t have to sacrifice comfort for fashion. If others wear sweatpants and pajamas to nice places for dinner, stand out in a good way by wearing clothes that make you look put together.

By the way, our cruise on the Celebrity Edge was fantastic. Fun activities on board included an escape room, dot painting, Zumba, DJ training, and water aerobics. The food … the drinks … I didn’t really want to come home yet. Of course, the evening entertainment was also spectacular:

  • The creative shows by Celebrity: my favorite part was an amazing mashup of Heart’s “Alone” and “What a Wonderful World”
  • Magician Chris Funk turned beer into whiskey, among other tricks
  • Charity Lockhart performed Aretha Franklin and inspired us with her Aretha’s Grammy rendition of “Nessun Dorma”
  • Uptown wowed us with their dance moves, comedy, and voices.

We highly recommend giving Celebrity a shot for your next vacation.

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