Caring for Your Suit

Care After Wear

The most important step in caring for your suit is hanging it up.

Every suit order you receive from us includes a special hanger especially suited to supporting the weight and structure of the garments.

In fine-quality wool suits, wrinkles from daily wear will fall out overnight if you hang the garments. Hang clothing so the jacket hangs evenly on the hanger and the creases on trousers are retained.

A clothes steamer or an iron can also be used, but the correct heat setting on an iron is essential so the fabric does not burn to a “shiny” finish.


It is not necessary to dry-clean your suit after every use. Wool is naturally odor-resistant. In many cases, your suit may only need to be dry-cleaned two to three times a year.

Dry-clean all the matching pieces of your suit at the same time to prevent uneven color fading from the dry-cleaning process, which could leave you with non-matching pieces.

Enjoy your new suit. These garments are meant to last a lifetime!