Bespoke vs. Made-to-Measure


“Bespoke” is a British term for garments are made to order specifically for a particular customer. In other words, bespoke clothing is custom-made using your measurements, your posture, and a garment pattern created just for you.

For word nerds (like me!), the word “bespoke” is the past participle of “bespeak,” which means to suggest or to reserve something in advance. In other words, these garments are “spoken for.”

Bespoke tailoring pays attention to fine details, such as lining up patterns of stripes. Contrast stitching for buttonholes, interesting fabrics for the lining, and choice of buttons are also characteristic of custom-tailored garments.


Made-to-Measure garments use a standardized pattern that is close to a customer’s measurements. The standard pattern is then modified before the garment is constructed.

While made-to-measure clothing can be constructed faster than bespoke garments, the fit will not be as precise as a garment that is custom-tailored for the wearer.

Fine details, like the alignment of stripes, may also be lacking. In this picture, the stripes on the lapels and jacket pocket do not line up. The suit is also too short for the model: the jacket sleeves expose too much of his shirt cuffs, and the trousers do not break at all across his shoes.

Here at Atlanta Custom Tailors, all our garments are bespoke, made using a pattern drawn from your posture and measurements. When you need adjustments to your garments, a new pattern is created just for you and used for future orders.