How a Shirt Should Fit

If you are used to wearing off-the-rack shirts, your new custom shirts are going to feel very different. Here’s how a shirt should fit.

Our shirts are cut closer to the body than you may be used to and properly match your measurements. This means you will have a collar and armholes that are sized to your body and your posture.

Since we base the length of our shirts on your height, you will have enough shirt to tuck in—and stay tucked in—without being overwhelmed with fabric.

You may find that the sleeves of a custom shirt are shorter than you are used to. When you put on your custom-tailored jacket, however, you will reveal the perfect sliver of cuff and your monogram.

An off-the-rack shirt may be uncomfortably or unflatteringly loose in the collar or cuffs. It certainly won’t have that wider opening on just the left cuff to allow you to check your watch.

These shirts will have a lot of extra fabric in the body, particularly if—relative to your other measurements—you require a large collar size or must accommodate a large bust.

Ever have too much to tuck in… or not enough? Off-the-rack shirts are made for some “average” height, not yours, leaving you with either too much or too little fabric to tuck in neatly.

That “Spare” Button at the Bottom

Our shirts also have an extra button at the end, which is optional for use. If you find that your shirts gape when you’ve tucked them in, this last button will help hold the fabric together and give you a sleek tuck.

Mind the “Gap”

Our custom-made shirts include a button at the widest point of the bust. This will prevent the unfortunate gapping that occurs in most off-the-rack button-front blouses.

Matching Patterns

Have you ever bought a shirt with bold stripes or plaid, and the patterns didn’t line up—or blatantly ignored—the seams? With a custom-tailored shirt, the patterns match up everywhere that counts.

A bespoke shirt from Atlanta Custom Tailors will fit you the way a shirt should fit. Once you get used to how our shirts fit and make you feel, you’ll never want to wear an off-the-rack shirt again.