About Us

At Atlanta Custom Tailors, we create quality custom-tailored suits and shirts from many hundreds of combinations of colors, fabrics, and styles with your exact measurements and posture in mind.

We believe that no off-the-rack selection can give a man or woman the total choice of fabric, style, and personal detailing that comes with custom-tailored clothing. We also believe that truly providing value to our customers is of utmost importance. Therefore, our custom-tailored suits are made to last a lifetime with basic care, unlike many of the deeply discounted garments you may find at your local off-the-rack retailer.

As a full-service Atlanta-based custom tailor serving much of the southeastern US, we know that your time is precious. Therefore, we bring our samples to you so that you can make your selections at your home or office. We look forward to meeting you soon!

About Us

Thank you so much for the two new
suits and shirts. They are simply put, the best in my closet! I have been a
purchaser of custom suits and dress shirts for several years through two other
tailors, but yours are by far the best. My wife and staff have told me that my
new suits make me look taller and my shirts make me look thinner.

I cannot wait to make my next
purchase. Thank you for your hard work, dedication, zeal, and, above all,
professionalism. Please consider me a life-long friend and customer.

J.D.W. Attorney