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I just purchased my first two suits from Atlanta Custom Tailors, and they look absolutely fabulous. The fit and design are genuinely custom. I wanted the design of one of my suits to reflect a somewhat Edwardian era appearance, and Atlanta Custom Tailors came through with the exact look that I was hoping for. Great job!

D.K.S. Attorney

Over the many years you have been my tailor, I have never experienced anything but the very best. Having dealt with one of your competitors years ago, I find your abilities to be extraordinary. The last suits I ordered fit perfectly and are among the best tailored suits I have ever owned. Thanks for the good work.

L.S. Attorney

I had a fitting with Atlanta Custom Tailors at a Bar meeting and ordered two suits and shirts. Ken Sharma provided fine advice and a comprehensive variety of quality fabrics on his custom-made suits. Ken thereafter personally delivered my suits (and I am outside of Metro Atlanta). I was quite impressed and know that I will recommend Ken to colleagues.

R.D. Attorney

Thank you so much for making a special rush delivery of my gorgeous custom-tailored suit this week. When I realized I needed a black (not gray, not blue, but black) suit as a wedding party member in just two weeks, I figured I’d be stuck with something off the rack. I called you on a whim, just in case it was possible to get a custom suit FAST. You assured me it was no problem. Sure enough, the suit arrived with a few days to spare, and it looks as gorgeous as the previous suits I’ve ordered from you – maybe even more gorgeous (my wife loves it). I love all the little quality details on your suits – I never want to buy another suit anywhere else. Thanks too for your personal at-home service. Another job well done!

G.W. Attorney

These suits are great! Thank you for delivering them. Your customer service is second to none. Thank you again.

R.T. Attorney

I stopped by Atlanta Custom Tailors’ booth at a seminar and dropped off a business card for a drawing. Surprisingly, I was selected to receive two free custom shirts. Ken Sharma drove from Atlanta to Birmingham within a matter of days to measure me. I was so impressed that I purchased some other garments. The personal service was outstanding.

M.D.E. Attorney

Ken – Thank you again for a job well done. I am very pleased with the suits and shirts. As you know, this was my first “custom made clothing” order. Everything fits perfectly and the materials are top quality.

S.S. Attorney

I bought my first custom suits from Atlanta Custom Tailors and have been very pleased with the cut and fit of the suits. The customer service has been great. When slight adjustments need to be made, Ken Sharma has taken care of the adjustments quickly and with no inconvenience to me. I won’t go back to store-bought suits!

M.R.B. Attorney

As you know, I received my custom-made suit in mid-July about three weeks from the time you came to my office and took my measurements and I selected the style and fabric. I have had a few occasions since to wear it and I am very satisfied. I must admit I look forward to any event that calls for that kind of attire, while it is not a feeling I am accustomed to, I rather like being the best dressed man in the room. I have only one concern. Now that I have experienced your custom-made suit, I have been unimpressed with anything else. I look forward to doing business with you again.

A.P.R. Doctor of Chiropractic

Ken, I really appreciate your professionalism and your knowledge base. I have purchased 13 suits from you year to date, from my first appointment with you until our meeting last week, I must say you deliver more than expected. My clothes are specifically tailored to my taste and environment. Every person that I have recommended you to have been raving about your service, attention to detail and your professionalism. I consistently get compliments from people about the material and the suit design and its fit. I am extremely pleased with our business relationship and appreciate what you have done for me as my personal tailor and wardrobe consultant. I thank you for your commitment to excellence and I look forward to doing more business with you.

In His Service, P.F.N. Real Estate Agent / Minister

I wanted to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed wearing the two suits you made me! I’ve owned many suits through the years but these are without an equal. The fit, the workmanship, the attention to detail all excellent! They really do “fit like a glove.” I must be honest and tell you that I was prepared to have to try them on and wait for them to be adjusted one last time before I could take them home, but no, they fit perfect, just like you said they would. I haven’t even mentioned the shirts: they are as high quality as well. I love them. Last but not least, doing business with you was a pleasure. Everything arrived on time (2 days ahead of schedule) as you promised. I will recommend you to all my associates. You are a man of your word, doing business on a trusted handshake is a time-honored quality that never goes out of style. Take care, and I’ll be in touch when I’m ready for my next clothing purchase.

M.W.H. Vice President of Sales

I recently purchased two custom-made suits and two shirts from Ken Sharma at Atlanta Custom Tailors. I am very pleased with the results and look forward to doing business with him again.

J.H.R, Jr. Judge

Ken: I just wanted to let you know that the tailored clothes you made for me are outstanding! I never gave myself the opportunity to have a pair of pants or complete suits made to my body specifications. You are the first person I looked to for advice and tailored clothes. Now I am spoiled and will only buy clothes from you for my professional life.

As an attorney, going to court never felt so good. Thanks to your attention to detail, quality, and advice on colors and textures I now have more confidence and comfort in my clothes. You are the best!

M.G.S. Attorney at Law

As a family law attorney, making a first impression is crucial. We are always meeting new clients, opposing counsel, judges and witnesses and how we appear can have a huge impact. The shirts and other custom items Ken Sharma has delivered help our attorneys appear their best. All of the attorneys at KSS Family Law are proud to wear clothes made by Atlanta Custom Tailors.

Randall M. Kessler, ESQ Founder, KSS Family Law

I have purchased all of my suits from department stores in the past. Even with the tailoring provided at the stores, the suits never seemed to fit quite right. Either the jacket was too tight or too big, or the pants were too long or too short. I had considered having a custom suit made for some time before, and I had looked at Atlanta Custom Tailors a number of times before deciding to actually order suits. I had concerns about the price of custom-tailored clothes, but when I actually price-compared, the tailored clothes were not much more than a nice suit from a department store.

Now that I have received my suits from Atlanta Custom Tailors, I will never buy a suit off the rack at a department store again. The fit is absolutely perfect. Each and every time I wear my suits from Atlanta Custom Tailors, I get compliments all day long, many of which involve questions concerning how much weight I have lost. The jackets fit perfectly, and I no longer look like the jacket is way too big or way too small. While I was at it, I got several custom shirts to go with the suits, and those are outstanding as well.

Right or not, people are judged, in part, on how they look. I think the custom suits from Atlanta Custom Tailors are sharp, and every day I wear them, I feel confident and dressed for success. For anyone considering updating their wardrobe, I would highly recommend Ken Sharma at Atlanta Custom Tailors.

L.H. Attorney at Law

Ken: As you know, I had made several attempts to find the perfect custom crafted three-piece suits and shirts, and then I was introduced to you while attending a legal seminar. Your suits are custom made of high quality fabrics, fitted perfectly, and were delivered to my place of business.

I have been exceptionally pleased and satisfied with you and your company and, without hesitation, recommend you to anyone who is considering a perfectly hand-crafted suit. I am extremely pleased and satisfied with Atlanta Custom Tailors.

L.R.D. Lawyer

I have been buying suits off the rack at department stores for over twenty years and there was always a problem with the service, fit or quality of the suit.  During a Christmas visit to Panama City my father-in-law introduced me to Ken of Atlanta Custom Tailors.  Ken spent an hour listening to my requirements, reviewing material and styles, and measuring.  In less than 3 weeks I was contacted and scheduled an appointment at my home based on my availability.  The suits were a perfect fit and I have since bought two more.

Ken Sharma’s custom tailoring service is the best that I have encountered out of all the others I have used in the past. I recently had Mr. Sharma tailor two suits and two dress shirts and all are wonderful. They fit better, look great, and cost less, than any other made-to-measure suits I have.

Being 6ft 5in and 275lbs, buying off the rack is not an option for me. Ken took the time to make sure I had the best suit for my body and the right features in each suit. Ken wasn’t pushy and did not try to up-sell me either. His professionalism, knowledge, work ethic, and understanding of his craft has won me over to being a customer for life.

B.S.P. Attorney

Ken – Thanks so much for my gorgeous hunt coat! I’ve seen many beautiful coats at horse shows in my time, but this one is definitely my favorite. I am thrilled with the fabric we chose, although it was hard to choose between so many lovely options. It fits just beautifully; I can’t believe you were able to achieve such a great fit with only one fitting. I will definitely never order another mail-order custom hunt coat again since, thanks to you, being measured in person gets better results and costs less than the other guys. I love my new coat so much that I’m ordering one as a present for my horse trainer tonight – I know he’ll be as thrilled with his as I am with mine. Please feel free to use me as a reference. I’d be glad to tell anyone how pleased I am with my coat!


When you put on the Ken Sharma Special custom suit, unreal phenomenon start to happen. I’ve had customs suits made to order from the four corners of the globe and all price points, but nothing like the Sharma Special. It all started the night before when Ken came over and showed me the craftsmanship and all the little features like the lining, the combinations of pockets in both jacket and the pants, the detail of the stitching, the name on the pocket, the high quality textile, all impressed my wife of ten years so much that she got inspired by the Sharma Special and made not only a gourmet dinner but breakfast as well, a rare happening after ten years of bliss. Next unexplainable good thing came at the coffee shop I visit every morning for the past five years. The sexy young Asian, who never gives an old gray hair man nothing but plain black coffee, slips in cream, sugar, a smile and her mobile number. Again Sharma Karma helping me walk good in a custom suit right into work and on time for the first time.

At work I got the raise and promotion, and I didn’t even ask for one. Plus a secretary to do all the real heavy lifting. All I have to do now is walk around in the Sharma Special and visit clients. Unreal I tell you, best financial move I made was buying the suit.

Stranger still was the commute home, it was almost like the Red Sea of Atlanta traffic parted and I made it home in record time. Strange powers this high quality textile has.

I’m not saying you get gourmet meals from a non-cooking wife, numbers from young women, the promotion and raise you need, or an easy commute, but you do deserve this suit and will love every minute you wear it. The only problem is you’ll want one for each day of the year for you’ll never get enough of the Sharma Special.

Thanks again for your adjustment to my suit. Over the years I have had suits made (in Hong Kong in 1967) and have had them “off the rack.” But I have never had the custom attention that you have provided nor a product as well turned out as yours. Your willingness to have another adjustment made after delivery is just one more example of your fine product and customer service. If anyone needs a recommendation, just have them call me.

Thank you so much for the two new suits and shirts. They are simply put, the best in my closet! I have been a purchaser of custom suits and dress shirts for several years through two other tailors, but yours are by far the best. My wife and staff have told me that my new suits make me look taller and my shirts make me look thinner.

I cannot wait to make my next purchase. Thank you for your hard work, dedication, zeal, and, above all, professionalism. Please consider me a life-long friend and customer.

J.D.W. Attorney

The shirts look and feel awesome! They are the first tailored shirts I’ve owned and I don’t think I’ll be able to go back to department stores again. Keep up the great work and thanks again.

R.F. V.P., Television Production

Thank you once again for the beautiful custom-tailored shirt. This was the first custom-tailored item I have ever owned, and now I am hooked. The attention to detail is amazing, and the fabric is incredible! I have received many compliments. I can’t wait to receive my newest order. Now the only problem is, I am going to have to get some ties from you to go with my new shirts.

B.D. Attorney

Ken Sharma made me a beautiful sports jacket and I’ve worn it to three different courts and every time I came out a winner. Just this morning, had two motions to suppress and before we even got started one was reduced to reckless and the other, an under 21, point .12 was reduced to ‘too fast for conditions.’ It must be the jacket. Now I need to decide whether I only wear it for special cases or risk it losing its mojo. What to do?

J.M.C. Attorney

Atlanta Custom Tailors makes the finest shirts in my collection. The quality of their product and the dedication to their clients is unparalleled.

J.G.H. M.D.

I read somewhere that a man should own at least one custom-tailored suit in his life. After purchasing a custom-tailored suit from Ken, I realize the truth behind the sentiment. Success cannot be demonstrated with an Italian sports car or Swiss watch as easily and effectively as it can by simply wearing one of Ken’s suits. If you want to psyche out opposing counsel, communicate to potential clients that you are at the top of your game, or exude confidence in your next trial, you need to become a regular customer with Atlanta Custom Tailors. Ken’s impeccable attention to detail and unflagging customer service is peerless. When I wear his suits to court, veteran trial attorneys ask me for advice, opposing counsel defer to my expertise, and clients trust me implicitly. Life is easier when you wear Atlanta Custom Tailors!

L.W.T. Attorney

There really is no comparison between a custom suit from a quality source like Ken and an off-the-rack suit, even when fitted by a tailor. No two people, even of the same size, are alike and the compromises that go into store-bought suits can’t be hidden. If you add in the quality and the length of time that a custom suit will last, the investment choice is clear.

R.J.C. Telecommunications

It’s been a pleasure dealing with Ken in the fitting process and purchase of several shirts and suits. I am very pleased with the fit and quality of everything he’s done, and the ease of the entire process. I’d highly recommend him.

P.G.P. Attorney

Ken, the mojo does continue…for those that don’t know, every time I wear one of Ken’s hand-created suits, I win my cases.

M.C. Attorney

I have always purchased shirts off-the-rack and thought the fit was okay. I was wrong. After receiving my custom-tailored shirt, I now know how a shirt should fit. From the selection of the fabric to the multiple measurements needed, to receiving the shirt, Ken and Atlanta Custom Tailors were top notch. My shirt came back better than expected, even with Ken guiding me through the entire process. A hand-tailored shirt (or several) should be a staple in all wardrobes. Thank you, Atlanta Custom Tailors, for exceeding my expectations and delivering a product that is beyond comparison

D.S. Attorney

I will never purchase another suit off-the-rack again. I love my new suits. They look and feel very good.

L.S. Attorney

My experience with Ken speaks to his
ability to provide service no matter the situation. Throughout the whole
process he went out of his way to make sure that I had the exact suit that I
needed. The fabric is wonderful, the fit is great, and Ken’s service was
exceptional. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking a great made-to-measure

My situation is unique because I was
in Boston, but Ken was willing to work with me to make sure everything went
smoothly. Fabric samples were sent to my house and measurement diagrams were
provided. A phone call or two ironed out the details on how to measure (you
need someone to help) and I ended up sending him my measurements and two
pictures of myself. Ken also provided a free shirt and after choosing a style I
realized that it was not the style that I needed. This was no fault of Ken’s,
but when I told him about my mistake he immediately took care of it. He never
charged me for either shirt and never made my mistake seem like a big deal.

A month later I arrived in Atlanta
for the event I was attending and Ken met me where I was staying the next
afternoon. One alteration was needed and then two days later Ken came back to
where I was staying and everything was perfect. The suit fits great, looks
great, and makes me feel great when it’s on. You will not be disappointed with
Ken’s work.

A.R. Attorney

Any attorney who is regularly in court knows that confidence means everything. Along with legal acumen and thorough preparation, looking your best is part of that equation. There is nothing that builds confidence in your appearance more than slipping on a fine, custom-tailored suit. Ken Sharma delivers with a large selection, punctuality, professionalism, and great service. Most of all, his sizing is absolutely spot-on! On my most important days I reach in the closet for a custom-tailored suit from Ken Sharma at Atlanta Custom Tailors and I know I can’t go wrong.

P.T. Attorney

Just wanted to let you know how much Bobby is enjoying his shirt. It is beautiful! The fit is perfect! This is his first experience having tailor-made clothing and we will definitely be ordering again very soon. Thank you for your recommendations. The outstanding quality will give him many years of style and comfort!

S.R.S. Executive Director

Thank you for stopping by my office yesterday with my new suits. They are great as always. I am wearing one today and really like it. I got several compliments about the suit this morning in court. Thanks again.

R.T. Attorney

Thanks again for the 2 custom suits and 2 custom shirts. I wore one of the suits for the first time this past week and absolutely love the way it fits and feels. I appreciate the way you listened to my preferences for how a suit ought to fit, and what I didn’t like about my current off-the-rack suits. The new suits are vastly superior in every way – comfortable, flattering, and sharp looking. I appreciate your attention to detail and your great product!


Ken was the consummate professional
throughout the entire process. Ken took the time to show me a variety of
fabrics and styles. He took the time to understand my needs and worked with my
demands to help me choose the styles that would best fit my needs and

Ken timely delivered the suits and
made sure they fit perfectly. These were my first custom-made suits, and Ken
provided an experience easy and exciting experience. I will continue calling
Ken whenever I need suits, shirts, or trousers.

I recently ordered two custom-tailored dress shirts from Mr. Sharma and they were spectacular! Not only was the custom fit perfect, the styles and patterns he offered made my shirts truly one-of-a-kind. I have been ordering custom garments for years and demand a pretty high standard in fashion for work and play, but Mr. Sharma’s shirts are my favorites. I will be back for more!

A.C. Attorney

I have had Ken Sharma and ACT make many fine shirts for me and members of my family. The fabric is marvelous and the workmanship outstanding. The personal attention that Ken pays to his customers is fantastic. He makes you feel like family. ACT shirts are so superb that I am tempted just to admire them in the closet. It’s almost like driving your sports car after it’s been detailed. The compliments abound when you wear an ACT creation. The ties I have gotten from Ken are truly beautiful. Again, they truly make you feel special!

S.J.H. Attorney/Professor

Ken – I am happy that we finally got together, my new suits are the best!! Quality materials, made professionally, and timely delivered! I have no hesitation in recommending you to everyone I know!

B.H. Attorney

Ken Sharma is a wonderful tailor. His attention to detail is unmatched by any tailor I have used. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

D.W.H. Attorney / Georgia House of Representatives

I don’t know how to begin to describe what a great feeling it is to wear something that actually fits. As you and I have discussed, it is difficult for a small person like me to find clothes that fit well. My new shirts are amazing. The tailored look and craftsmanship are wonderful, and I am getting compliments on them everywhere. Even my client noticed! You were right, they do make you feel confident and successful. I will enjoy wearing them for years to come and look forward to more of your custom wonders.

A.S.T. Attorney

Thank you for delivering the custom shirts. One can really tell the difference in the feel of the fabric of one of these shirts compared with an off-the-rack shirt. Of course, the custom fit is equally important, and these fit superbly. They are unquestionably the finest shirts I have ever owned.

H.H. Attorney

I wholeheartedly recommend Atlanta Custom Tailors to anyone who wants a tailored high-quality suit. Ken Sharma is an expert, and he provides a wide variety of choice in quality fabrics as well as excellent advice on custom-made suits. When my suits were delivered, I was truly impressed and I know that I will recommend Ken to all of my contacts!

M.G.J. Executive Coach

At so many seminars over the years Ken and his wife were so kind when I would stop by his display and now, with Ken having recently delivered my first two custom suits with shirts, I realize that I should have done this a very long time ago. The experience could not have been more comfortable. The service and fit and feel of the suits are perfect. Now that I have not only found a tailor but also a friend, I will be your loyal customer. Thank you, Ken.

B.F.M. Attorney

I have worn custom-made shirts and sport coats from Atlanta Custom Tailors for years. When Ken Sharma, the owner and master tailor, helps you select fabric, patterns and colors, he spares no effort. His measurements are precise and the resultant fit is perfect. No detail is overlooked. A garment tailored by Atlanta Custom Tailors really fits your individual body dimensions and is infinitely more flattering and comfortable than one bought off the rack, even one from a leading retail store. Ken’s attention to detail results in an uncompromising look of confidence and sophistication that buoys your confidence in every circumstance, professional and social.

S.H. Executive Director, Non-Profit

Thanks, Ken! I will continue buying suits and spreading the word! For a number of years I contemplated buying custom suits but continued my ‘off the rack’ ways. Unfortunately, my store suits never fit right due to my build. I also ignored the old adage, ‘you get what you pay for.’ Then, I had the fortune of meeting Ken Sharma and his lovely wife at a law conference. Ken spent a lot of time with me perusing fabrics and educating me as to the difference in quality of tailor-made versus store bought. His wife and I picked a couple of fabrics, I bought two shirts, two ties, and he personally delivered my suits to my Atlanta hotel. He made sure they fit like a glove, which they did (finally I have a suit that fits perfectly!), and the rest is history. Ken truly cares about his customers and his attention to detail is second to none. The quality, price, and professional/personal relationship is second to none.

J.M.F Psychologist, Expert Witness

Ken of Atlanta Custom Tailors is one of the best tailors in Atlanta. His compassion and care for making every client look his or her best is inspiring. The clothes Ken has made for me have marveled and impressed judges, colleagues, and jurors. I highly recommend going with Atlanta Custom Tailors for your next suit, shirt, or accessory.

P.S. Attorney

Ken has me hooked on tailored clothing…and talk about the customer service! I’m up to six shirts now and will be getting a suit soon!

A.P.H. Vice President, Energy & Industry

I have recently invested in a number of custom-made suits and shirts made by Atlanta Custom Tailors. I am a trial lawyer and I am in court almost every day. I always receive compliments on the way that I am dressed. Appearance does matter, and no one in Atlanta does it better than Ken Sharma at Atlanta Custom Tailors. I see myself on TV news and like the way that I look. Thanks, Ken, for the help.

T.M.M. Trial Lawyer

I wanted you to know how pleased I am with the recent suits you provided, the fit and quality is above and beyond. When strangers walk up to you and say “nice suit,” then you know the mark was not hit, it was exceeded.

K.A.C. Vice President, Sales

I just wanted to share a funny story that Mr. Bray told me this morning. Today he wore his new western cut pinstripe suit with the bright red shirt and orchid, black and grey tie for the first time. He stopped at a Bojangles to grab a chicken sandwich on his way to work. The lady behind the counter looked him up and down and told him he looked very nice today, He thanked her. She asked him where he was going so dressed up. He said he was going to work. She asked him what kind of work he did. He told her he was an attorney. She looked him up and down again and smiled and got his order for him. When he turned to leave, he noticed a grey-haired lady looking at him. He tipped his hat and she smiled and said hello. A couple of old gentleman watched him walking. He is BASKING in the attention he is getting in his new clothes. He said he loves the way they fit. Thank you again!

D.O. Paralegal

My experience with Ken Sharma and Atlanta Custom Tailors was first-rate. It’s the best fitting suit I’ve ever owned.

C.A. Attorney

I just wanted to pass on to you how pleased I am with the suits and shirts you made for me. As a large man, it is difficult to find clothing that makes me feel good, look good and fit perfectly. Yours succeeded at all three. I have gone to several tailors in my 20 years of practicing law, but I have now found the best. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

R.H.D. Attorney

I have to give proper due to Atlanta Custom Tailors! I received prompt responses and professionalism the entire process. Ken was always himself impeccably dressed and expressed a sincere interest in what I wanted. He was able to make a piece for me that is superb tailoring and fit. He personally delivered the item and made sure I was satisfied. I wholly recommend Atlanta Custom Tailors for any of your personalized tailoring needs.

P.H. Veterinarian

I was very pleased with my custom suits from Atlanta Custom Tailors. Ken provides great personal service and goes the extra mile to be sure you are satisfied. The suits are high quality and fit like a glove. Once you wear a suit tailored to your exact dimensions, you will not go back to an ‘off the rack’ suit. I’d recommend Atlanta Custom Tailors to anyone without hesitation.

J.C.S. Attorney