How to Choose a Wedding Suit

So you have a wedding to go to, and you look in your closet to find that you need a suit. Now what? How do you choose a wedding suit?

Choosing a suit for a wedding depends on a number of different factors. Do you wear suits regularly, or is this going to be your only suit?

I just need one good suit

If you’re getting a suit for a wedding and would like to wear it for other formal events (interviews, speaking events, or funerals), a classic charcoal or navy suit is your best bet.

We recommend a suit without a memorable pattern, such as pinstripes or bold checks. For your only suit, you want something versatile, that can be worn with different colored shirts or ties. No one wants to be remembered as the person wearing “that suit” again. As proved by the news anchor who wore the same suit every day for a year, the right suit can be elegant and appropriate without being memorable.

That doesn’t mean you can’t choose a subtle glen plaid or an elegant shadow stripe. These are classic but subtle patterns that read as a solid color from a distance but show their personality up close.

Now, if you’re the one getting married, perhaps you want a suit that’s a little more special. You may want to coordinate with the wedding color scheme or with the wedding party. But that doesn’t mean you can’t wear your wedding suit again.

Why should I order a bespoke wedding suit?

A suit custom-tailored to you is going to look, fit, and feel better than an off-the-rack suit, even after the expensive alterations to make necessary adjustments to a ready-made garment.

Many of the retailers selling suits at discounts are making their money right back on those alterations. Their suits are usually polyester blends that don’t last long in your closet.

We’ve had clients describe our suits as the cheapest you’ll ever buy … because they last forever.

Luxury wool is a surprisingly functional fabric, good for year-round weather. A bespoke suit won’t wear out the same way as an off-the-rack suit, for two main reasons. One, it fits your body, so the fabric isn’t being strained or worn down in certain places. Two, a bespoke suit has details designed to withstand wear, like heel guards, sweat pads, and reinforced waistbands. Our suits also require minimal care to stay looking as great as the day we delivered them.

When should I order my suit?

From order to delivery, our suits currently take at least eight weeks. Shipping delays and any potential minor adjustments may also require additional time. Allow enough time by making your appointment early. Here’s what to expect at your appointment.

If you’re expecting to lose a few pounds between now and the wedding, keep in mind that a suit will likely not need major adjustments for shifts of ten pounds in either direction. Adjusting a waistband is an easy, quick alteration that we will handle as part of our satisfaction guarantee.

I don’t know how to choose a wedding suit! or any suit!

Don’t worry, we can help you select a current style that will look great for years to come. Unless you want a really specific suit, we will recommend a classic but modern cut that will serve you well even after trends have faded.

As you can see, picking out a suit for a wedding isn’t as daunting as you might have thought. While it takes a little longer compared to purchasing a suit off-the-rack, you receive personalized service and will end up with a forever suit that you love.