what comes next in 2021

What Comes Next in 2021

Now that the holiday season is winding down for most of us, it’s time to figure out what comes next in 2021.

We’re looking forward to taking vacations, seeing our friends, and getting back to routines that bring joy. After missing out on so many social events in 2020, we anticipate celebrating with our loved ones. Birthday parties, airplane travel, and playdates at the park…

Sorry, I drifted off into dreamland for a moment.

What Comes Next in 2021

After canceling two planned cruises in 2020, we’re all itching to take a vacation.

But on the simpler side, I also want to browse at the library with my kids. Our library is currently pickup-only. My lifetime love for reading was cultivated wandering through the library and happening upon a special read. I want my kids to do that, too.

Wandering the mall is something else I haven’t wanted to do lately. I’m in and out, usually picking up at the counter or staying just long enough to return something at the counter. I currently shop online instead of going into the store.

But I miss going to the mall to browse, picking up a drink from the food court to enjoy while I stop in at a few favorite stores, or making a day of a mall outing with the kids.

We expect that work travel will slowly return to normal levels. With that, we should be able to attend seminars in person, which means we will get to see you again.

On an important personal note, I’d also like to take a cross-country trip out to see my mom or bring her here to see the kids. Phone calls and video chats are imperfect substitutes for the real thing. Given the factor of her age, though, I haven’t wanted to risk her health during the pandemic.

What Comes Next in 2021 For You?

While I typically don’t make New Year’s resolutions, I do want to focus on appreciating what “normal” really looks like. 2020 taught me not to take a quick Starbucks run or a lunch date with a friend for granted.

What are you most looking forward to in 2021?

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