Brown Checks Complete Any Fall Outfit

Brown Checks Complete Any Fall Outfit

With the weather here in Atlanta finally feeling like fall, I keep reaching for another layer when I get dressed. One of the easiest nods to the season, possibly second only to the infamous pumpkin spice latte, is adding a blazer. When you combine warm, friendly autumn tones with classic plaid, brown checks complete any fall outfit.

Brown Checks Complete Any Fall Outfit

From pumpkin and mustard to chocolate, caramel, and almond, the range of hues evokes the season. And did thinking of those colors make you hungry or is that just me?

[wipes away crumbs]

The jacket itself doesn’t need to be heavy. Thick wools make good topcoats or heavy jackets for colder climates than ours. Instead, we use year-round wool to provide a practical water-resistant layer.

Brown Checks Complete Any Fall Outfit

So many beautiful choices!

There’s an autumn color for every skin tone. Whether you need a warm tone or prefer a cooler one, we have a broad variety of designs to make selecting your new fall jacket a breeze.

warm or cool, brown checks complete any fall outfit

When I say brown checks complete any fall outfit, I really do mean any outfit. Even if you prefer blacks and grays for your basics, the right brown pattern will coordinate beautifully. I recommend mixing black with warm, lighter brown tones like cognac to soften and warm up the harshness of black.

If you’re looking for an addition to your fall wardrobe, don’t wait! Remember that any order will take 5 – 6 weeks from order to delivery. Schedule your appointment now to select a new fall blazer!

My experience with Ken speaks to his
ability to provide service no matter the situation. Throughout the whole
process he went out of his way to make sure that I had the exact suit that I
needed. The fabric is wonderful, the fit is great, and Ken's service was
exceptional. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking a great made-to-measure

My situation is unique because I was
in Boston, but Ken was willing to work with me to make sure everything went
smoothly. Fabric samples were sent to my house and measurement diagrams were
provided. A phone call or two ironed out the details on how to measure (you
need someone to help) and I ended up sending him my measurements and two
pictures of myself. Ken also provided a free shirt and after choosing a style I
realized that it was not the style that I needed. This was no fault of Ken's,
but when I told him about my mistake he immediately took care of it. He never
charged me for either shirt and never made my mistake seem like a big deal.

A month later I arrived in Atlanta
for the event I was attending and Ken met me where I was staying the next
afternoon. One alteration was needed and then two days later Ken came back to
where I was staying and everything was perfect. The suit fits great, looks
great, and makes me feel great when it's on. You will not be disappointed with
Ken's work.

A.R. Attorney

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