I have purchased all of my suits from department stores in the past. Even with the tailoring provided at the stores, the suits never seemed to fit quite right. Either the jacket was too tight or too big, or the pants were too long or too short. I had considered having a custom suit made for some time before, and I had looked at Atlanta Custom Tailors a number of times before deciding to actually order suits. I had concerns about the price of custom-tailored clothes, but when I actually price-compared, the tailored clothes were not much more than a nice suit from a department store.

Now that I have received my suits from Atlanta Custom Tailors, I will never buy a suit off the rack at a department store again. The fit is absolutely perfect. Each and every time I wear my suits from Atlanta Custom Tailors, I get compliments all day long, many of which involve questions concerning how much weight I have lost. The jackets fit perfectly, and I no longer look like the jacket is way too big or way too small. While I was at it, I got several custom shirts to go with the suits, and those are outstanding as well.

Right or not, people are judged, in part, on how they look. I think the custom suits from Atlanta Custom Tailors are sharp, and every day I wear them, I feel confident and dressed for success. For anyone considering updating their wardrobe, I would highly recommend Ken Sharma at Atlanta Custom Tailors.

L.H. Attorney at Law