My experience with Ken speaks to his ability to provide service no matter the situation. Throughout the whole process he went out of his way to make sure that I had the exact suit that I needed. The fabric is wonderful, the fit is great, and Ken’s service was exceptional. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking a great made-to-measure suit.

My situation is unique because I was in Boston, but Ken was willing to work with me to make sure everything went smoothly. Fabric samples were sent to my house and measurement diagrams were provided. A phone call or two ironed out the details on how to measure (you need someone to help) and I ended up sending him my measurements and two pictures of myself. Ken also provided a free shirt and after choosing a style I realized that it was not the style that I needed. This was no fault of Ken’s, but when I told him about my mistake he immediately took care of it. He never charged me for either shirt and never made my mistake seem like a big deal.

A month later I arrived in Atlanta for the event I was attending and Ken met me where I was staying the next afternoon. One alteration was needed and then two days later Ken came back to where I was staying and everything was perfect. The suit fits great, looks great, and makes me feel great when it’s on. You will not be disappointed with Ken’s work.

A.R. Attorney