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Show Us Your Best Zoom Outfit!

You’ve seen the memes, but are you guilty of wearing a #zoomoutfit?You know what I’m talking about. #businessontoppartyonthebottom means blazers, nice shirts, makeup and good grooming for your meeting but pajamas, athleisure, or boxers out of the camera frame.I won’t call out anyone at home (*cough* my husband *cough*) for dressing for Zoom, but I…


10 Self-Care Tips for Shelter-in-Place

No surprises here. After watching all the guidelines on how to get all the parts of my hands clean, I do each motion 4 times in each direction. While quoting Hamlet’s “out, out, damn spot” might be more fun, I found that actually focusing on good handwashing kept me from mindlessly washing my hands and…

Spring Sneak Peek

Now that spring is just around the corner, wearing black and charcoal with more black and charcoal is getting me down. As March moves on and brings the first hints of spring, I crave lighter and brighter colors to echo the season. From a practicality perspective, though, I still like my classic dark pants and…

navy nailhead for spring

Navy Nailhead for the Spring

One of Ken’s favorite options for spring is a navy blue nailhead suit paired with a powder blue shirt. Find out why we recommend navy nailhead for spring!


I was very pleased with my custom suits from Atlanta Custom Tailors. Ken provides great personal service and goes the extra mile to be sure you are satisfied. The suits are high quality and fit like a glove. Once you wear a suit tailored to your exact dimensions, you will not go back to an ‘off the rack’ suit. I’d recommend Atlanta Custom Tailors to anyone without hesitation.

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