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Brown Checks Complete Any Fall Outfit

Brown Checks Complete Any Fall Outfit

With the weather here in Atlanta finally feeling like fall, I keep reaching for another layer when I get dressed. One of the easiest nods to the season, possibly second only to the infamous pumpkin spice latte, is adding a blazer. When you combine warm, friendly autumn tones with classic plaid, brown checks complete any…

Dressing for Work After Quarantine This Fall

With businesses and workplaces reopening, many of us find ourselves dusting off long-ignored work clothes and try to put together outfits for the office again. But just how should we be dressing for work after quarantine and so many months of elastic waists and t-shirts?

Updating Your Closet With Six Shirts - bold shirts

Updating Your Closet With Six Shirts

After a spring and summer of conference calls and a total shift in lifestyle, you, like me, may have discovered some gaps in your wardrobe. As we enter yet another season of work-from-home, I suggest updating your closet with six shirts.Why six shirts instead of four or eight?Well, I’m glad you asked. Six shirts gets…


I have recently invested in a number of custom-made suits and shirts made by Atlanta Custom Tailors. I am a trial lawyer and I am in court almost every day. I always receive compliments on the way that I am dressed. Appearance does matter, and no one in Atlanta does it better than Ken Sharma at Atlanta Custom Tailors. I see myself on TV news and like the way that I look. Thanks, Ken, for the help.

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