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Dressing for Work After Quarantine This Fall

With businesses and workplaces reopening, many of us find ourselves dusting off long-ignored work clothes and try to put together outfits for the office again. But just how should we be dressing for work after quarantine and so many months of elastic waists and t-shirts?

Updating Your Closet With Six Shirts - bold shirts

Updating Your Closet With Six Shirts

After a spring and summer of conference calls and a total shift in lifestyle, you, like me, may have discovered some gaps in your wardrobe. As we enter yet another season of work-from-home, I suggest updating your closet with six shirts.Why six shirts instead of four or eight?Well, I’m glad you asked. Six shirts gets…

Show Us Your Best Zoom Outfit!

You’ve seen the memes, but are you guilty of wearing a #zoomoutfit?You know what I’m talking about. #businessontoppartyonthebottom means blazers, nice shirts, makeup and good grooming for your meeting but pajamas, athleisure, or boxers out of the camera frame.I won’t call out anyone at home (*cough* my husband *cough*) for dressing for Zoom, but I…


Thanks again for the 2 custom suits and 2 custom shirts. I wore one of the suits for the first time this past week and absolutely love the way it fits and feels. I appreciate the way you listened to my preferences for how a suit ought to fit, and what I didn't like about my current off-the-rack suits. The new suits are vastly superior in every way - comfortable, flattering, and sharp looking. I appreciate your attention to detail and your great product!